Monday, July 28, 2014

Quiet reminders

~ David and Rebecca ~

Rebecca and I began our conversations back in January of 2013. 

She and her beloved; David expressed an interest in commissioning a pair of wedding rings and asked about our schedule. Their wedding was set for the first weekend in July and they were writing from Indiana. They had some initial ideas involving juniper heartwood and possibly an inlay in one of the rings.
After a few months of most enjoyable correspondence, in April of 2013 (my) David created Rebecca and David's wedding rings.  Rebecca had decided on a single spiraled inlay of Myrtle wood.  For his ring; David was envisioning an irregular knot on Juniper heartwood.

On May 15th we received this email from Rebecca and David.
"We are so delighted to tell you that we received the rings today! Here they are resting up on the instrument shelf.

We have tried them on and we are so so so pleased. They are so elegant and really more beautiful than we could have imagined. 

Now I can't wait to send you images from the big day! We also like the clever folder that you sent them in. We are considering including a "ring warming" in our wedding ceremony, in which the rings are passed among the guest to absorb well-wishes, and this might actually be a perfect way to pass them too.

Thank you for everything, and we will be in touch!"

We had another great email from Rebecca and David in early October 2013 along with some lovely photographs.  (Photo Credit

Rebecca writes:  "We had a beautiful and moving ceremony in July, and the rings were at the center of it! We did the ring warming as I mentioned before, using your card to pass them (secured with a little twine, see below). Here is the text we wrote for that part of the ceremony (read by my aunt and uncle who graciously opened the proceedings):


"Later in this ceremony, Rebecca and David will exchange rings. But before they do, we ask that you, their community, take part by blessing the symbols they will wear. As you receive the rings, wish Rebecca and David happiness and a meaningful life together, then pass them on. [Begins passing] David and Rebecca’s rings are made from juniper heartwood. Juniper is known for its remarkable longevity and ability to thrive in challenging places. From today forward, those rings will act as constant, quiet reminders of their love and commitment, and of your hope and support."

Thank you and David for making these things of beauty that we now get to have in our lives every day!"

In May (2014) Rebecca contacted us about sending her ring back  for some TLC and a refinishing after a bit of a mishap  ~ sometimes a ring needs attention sooner than later and we are always happy to help!  
Here's a pic of Becca's refinished ring and she writes:

"Received the ring yesterday. It looks beautiful, as I had no doubt it would!"