Sunday, June 01, 2014

Anything, Anywhere ...

We began our conversations with Jackie and Lori from New York State back in July of 2013. They are a busy couple ~ one works nights, one works days!  They have an 11 year old daughter, and a love of life that shone through every communication.
 In October David created their rings of Hawaiian Koa and Maple wood incorporating some special shells and stone they sent for their inlays.   

When we sent the final pics of their rings they wrote:
"If the rings look this great from the picture, they are going to be amazing in person..I can't believe this is the final product from that rough cut first picture..I will be checking the mail everyday!! Thank you Thank you Thank you  Jackie and Lori

The rings are beautiful.. We even managed to set a date-April 26 2014! Thank you so much for all the hard work, I can't wait to share the story behind them..."

And then in late April ~ the happy news 
"Nicola and David...well, we did it! 
We finally said "I Do"...thanks again for the wonderful rings..."

I asked Lori and Jackie if I might post a few of their pics and the piece written by their Pastor; April Gismondi

"The compliments on our rings have been non stop! We would be honored to have our experienced noted on your doubt your future endeavors will be as happy as we are. The pastor was amazing..she was so thrilled to hear the story of our rings!"

Pastor April Gismondi    “Lori and Jackie have chosen rings that are unlike any others in the whole entire world. They were handcrafted of wood, an eco-friendly and sustainable substance. They also contain a blending of seashells from the beaches of Long Island where Jackie is from, and Herkimer diamonds to represent the region of Upstate New York where Lori grew up. These two substances were meshed together to form an inlay and a pair of rings that are unique and beautiful much in the same way that their relationship is unique unto them."
It's been an honour and a delight working with these women and sharing in their happiness.

  Thank you Jackie and Lori for coming into our lives and for inviting us to create these important symbols of your love for each other.  
Bright Blessings!  Now and always.