Friday, December 27, 2013

Scotland and Canada ~ Peter and Erica

Peter and Erica ~ 2011 in Banff National Park, snowshoeing.

Peter commissioned his engagement ring for Erica this past summer and David created their ring in August. Erica is Canadian and a Marine Biologist. She and Peter met in Scotland and now call Scotland their home.

Peter designed Erica's Touch Wood engagement ring with Juniper heartwood as the primary wood, Birds Eye Maple interior, a narrow inlay of Bristle-cone Pine with a full moon inlay of Abalone shell.
On October 24th,  Peter wrote with this happy news:
"Hi Nicola and DavidWe've just got back from a walk up Meikle Says Law, the highest point in East Lothian. I proposed to Erica, and she said "yes". She loves the ring! 
Here's a picture of us at the very top (it's only 535m above sea level, but you still get pretty good views out over the Firth of Forth, over to Fife, round to Edinburgh, and to North Berwick and Dunbar.)"
 Peter and Erica Happily Engaged.
Our love to you both and wishing you many happy years ahead!  We hope you are enjoying your  travels this winter.  Warmly as ever, Nicola and David