Sunday, November 24, 2013

Live Oak and Lovely People

"Hi Nicola, I thought you would enjoy seeing the wonderful ring you and your husband were so instrumental in creating for Maggie and I.  We were married in September on Edisto Island, South Carolina. Thank you for being a part of that and thank you for the magnificent wedding band. We both love it!  Most sincerely, Andrew"
 David created Andrew's ring from South Carolina Live Oak ~ kindly sent to us by Maggie's parents from their family property.  Teresa; Maggie's mom also sent along this photo of the tree from whence the branch wood came. Her photo is from early Spring when the azaleas were blooming and the oak hadn't yet leafed out.
The center inlay of Andrew's ring is Canadian Quartz ~ sent by Andrew from the area of Eastern Canada where he was born and where his father's family hails from.
It's heartwarming and humbling to see things come full circle.  From Andrew's first email contact in May of this year, to getting to know Andrew and Maggie and Maggie's mom a little through emails, receiving their lovely oak wood and quartz in the mail, creating Andrew's ring ... and then their photos ~ sharing a little of the magic of their wedding day with us.  Bright blessings to you both, Maggie and Andrew.
As a little aside to the story of Andrew's Touch Wood Ring;
 if you are ever in the city of Travelers Rest, South Carolina stop in to
Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom.  Maggie's parents; Teresa and Ben have been renovating the old post office for months as they get ready to open their local craft microbrewery (planned for January 2014) located just off the Swamp Rabbit Trail at 26 South Main Street in TR. 
Not a Swamp Rabbit : ) but it seemed a good opportunity to post a pic of this little bunny. Here, David is snuggling the wee one who had to be moved out of harms way on a warm spring day.