Saturday, October 05, 2013

A ring warming, a beloved pup and his delightful humans.

"After 14 years together, 
Payton and I finally got married this past weekend.

It was the most intimate, joyous, beautiful day surrounded by our loving friends and family. Our pup Atrus had a blast visiting with all of our guests - he's such a people dog! We passed around our rings to all of our guests during the ceremony for a "ring warming", so everyone had a chance to hold/admire our amazing wooden rings and also to infuse them with love, prayers and blessings for our marriage.  

We have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful the rings are. Thank you for all of your hard work - we wear them with pride.  We are so happy you guys were able to be a part of our process, too!  Megan and Payton"

David and I would like to wish Atrus a long, frolicksome, carefree life with his happily married humans.  And a long and happy life to Payton and Megan too.   Here`s to good hiking, warm tea and forever friends, of the two legged and four legged variety. Thanks you guys.  Much Love.  Nicola and David.

On a side note ~ if you live in the Burlington, Vermont area and have a pooch or a feline friend who deserves some TLC (and whose best friend doesn't?!) Do visit Megan`s website.  This is her website header - a beautiful shot of their (wedding) dog Atrus.  Clicking on Atrus will take you to Megan`s site.