Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love Notes and Wooden Rings

I thought I would share a threesome of loving notes written to us recently by three couples who each designed and commissioned Touch Wood Rings as their wedding rings. We are, as ever, grateful and humbled.  It is, as always; our pleasure.  Thanks you guys!!

Our Touch Wood Rings!  We are absolutely in love with them!  They turned out even better than we imagined.   You have been so wonderful and have made this process so fun and enjoyable ...a big thank you to you and David! 

We are speechless.  I had seen some remarkable rings on your website but nothing really prepared me to see something that Matthew and I brainstormed together with little bits of taped-up-paper, (I kid you not, we made little paper rings and drew on the inlays with pens at different widths and options) what we see now!  These rings are absolutely stunning, I cannot congratulate you and David enough for an excellent job!  

Touch Wood Rings
We couldn't be happier!  They are so breathtakingly gorgeous and we LOVE the hidden knots inside the rings.  Thank you so much for creating such a unique symbol for us to share with one another as we take the next step in our lives.  

I stumbled upon your website more than a couple of years ago and shared it with Adam with the hopes that one day he and I would get engaged and have the opportunity to be one of your satisfied customers with rings of our own. I am so happy that I can say that we are definitely satisfied with the craftsmanship, quality and ease of working with you.

Thank you so much! 

Quality and Craftsmanship