Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stephanie's Willow Ring

Back in February David made this dainty little ring for Stephanie.

She designed her size 3 1/2 ring using Willow, Grayed Maple and Rosewood.
Stephanie was so lovely to work with.
In July we received a heartwarming email from her titled 'Very Happy Customer'

Hi Nicola and David!
I am so satisfied with my ring! I absolutely love it. It is funny because I see people do a double-take when they see my ring and I love telling them where it came from and what it means to me. It is a powerful symbol and a work of Art that I can wear everyday. This ring speaks to me because of where it came from and who made it. The idea that you both do so much to give back to the Earth and to appreciate what it has to offer makes you both very special, and I have the greatest appreciation for that!
I am attaching some photos from our wedding.
Thank you for everything!
Peace & Love,
Kevin & Stephanie

Congratulations Stephanie and Kevin and Thank You for sharing those photos, and for your kind words. You truly do embody the essence of the happy couple! May it ever be thus.