Friday, October 15, 2010

Wood Ring Proposal at a Heart Shaped Lake

Dormae and I began our conversation back in April of this year. David and I worked with Dormae and Brian on her engagement ring and their wedding rings.

It's always been such a pleasure talking with Dormae. We discussed all manner of things; from gardening to cooking to wild life rehabilitation! I want to let Dormae’s words speak for themselves ~ she is not only a lovely and warm person; she also writes beautifully.
And she says such nice things about us and our work. In early June David and I received this email from Dormae (and Brian)

“ It is a beautiful day today. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Best of all, we received our rings in the mail yesterday (much sooner than we anticipated)! We could hardly contain ourselves as he gingerly opened the package. Then out came the loveliest card with our absolutely stunning rings displayed carefully inside. What a charming way to showcase the rings! It is something we will always treasure.”

(Dormae and Brian’s rings were designed using Black Walnut Wood and Bamboo with inlays of their found Oregon Jade )

David's artistry, precision, and patience are evident in each TINY ring. We are awed by how beautifully simple and lightweight, yet strong they are. Unlike traditional metal rings, they feel warm and alive; and they fit perfectly, as if they are already a part OF us, not only made FOR us. Neither of us tends to wear any jewellery, but somehow we cannot wait (6 whole weeks!) to wear these rings every single day. :) Our rings arrived just in time for our anniversary. The rings are the perfect gifts to celebrate where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. Thank you for making the start of the next chapter of our life together a happy one. You'll hear from us soon after our engagement and future wedding. It was more than a pleasure to "meet" you, work with you, and connect with you by sharing pictures and exchanging thoughts about sustainability, wildlife, plants, dogs, food, etc. Your values and respect for the earth and it's bounty are reflected in your work and the way in which you treat others. We will love telling people about our wonderful experience with Touch Wood Rings. The world needs more Nicolas and Davids! From the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!!! Dormae and Brian”

And then in August, we received this happy email . . .

“We just wanted to say hello and let you know that we officially got ENGAGED !! For the better part of a month, we had been planning to take a hiking trip to our favourite spot in the Inyo National Forest in California, just a few miles outside of Yosemite National Park, but things kept coming up. Finally, we packed up the dogs and headed out on our road trip. We headed toward Yosemite, drove through it, and ended a few miles past our destination: Dana Plateau in the Inyo National Forest. Brian and I and the dogs ascended the trail alongside a roaring creek, pausing a few times to take some pictures and to reminisce about the last time we were there. The plan was to explore new spots as well as familiar ones (such as a natural heart-shaped lake Brian found a-ways off the trail last year). At one point, Brian whipped out his GPS and announced that we were at roughly 10,000 feet elevation and that we should go left off of the trail. Feeling that another surprise was coming, I followed. Our first glimpse of the heart-shaped lake that day was as breathtaking as the last. I asked Brian if he wanted to go swimming, but he suggested that we hang out on one of the big rocks in the center of the lake for a few minutes first. When we got there, we stood with our arms around each other and took a few deep breaths of fresh, mountain air while drinking in the brilliant scenery with Dana Mountain looming above us.

The next thing I knew, Brian was kneeling down on the rock, proposing to me with our beautiful Touch Wood Ring! Of course, I said, "YES!" We concluded the weekend with a few more hikes in the surrounding area and unwillingly returned home, a little tired, but happier than we've ever been. Now, we look forward to our wedding day, when we can place our Touch Wood wedding bands on each others fingers, completing the set! We couldn't have done this in such a special way without you both! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! “

David and I want to thank you too, Dormae and Brian! It’s been a wonderful experience working with you and getting to know you. Please give those dogs of yours some big hugs from us and Shine on dear friends ~ you make the world a better place. As ever, Nicola and David