Monday, September 20, 2010

Love and Heartwood

We recently had the pleasure of working with Krista and Rob on their wedding rings.

In June, Krista wrote "David does such wonderful work and I am truly excited that we chose these rings for our symbol of love. I was wondering a bit about the tree that gave us this gift. Are the rings from the same branch and where does the tree live... just curious."

Here's my reply to Krista's question about her juniper heartwood.

"I’m glad you want to know about the tree that gave a little of her wood for your rings Krista. She is a Juniper tree and lives in the Similkameen Valley of British Columbia ~ she’s an old tree with beautiful gnarly branches that occasionally require pruning. Hence your ring wood. The term ‘heartwood’ means the wood that comes from the very center of a trunk or branch ~ it is generally denser, stronger and often has beautiful swirly patterns and colours … Here is a 'close up' of the dear old juniper tree from which your rings are made … it grows beside David's brothers' home in the sunny Similkameen.

Krista and Rob received their rings in early June and wrote:

"We couldn't be more pleased. They are absolutely beautiful! I had tears in my eyes when I saw them.

And just the other day Krista wrote:

"You know it's fall when you get the hooded sweatshirts out and go pick blueberries on a foggy moist morning...yummy!! What a great time of year. Our wedding day has come and gone and we were so happy to have our rings on that special day. I wanted to share some photos with you two. Thank you so much again and we couldn't be more pleased with our beautiful rings. We have received many compliments as well. Hope all is well in your part of the world, Robb, Krista and Lennon

What a delightful young family you are ... and what a pleasure it's been to be a part of your special day! With much love, today and always ... Nicola and David