Saturday, January 10, 2009

A wood ring proposal

Jamie's Black Walnut ring with Birds eye maple inlaid band.

Meg's Black walnut ring with a cherry
band and birds eye maple liner.

" Meg was completely surprised by the wood ring, which was fantastic. She of course had the ring she had commissioned for me, and was already in love with it. She told me that she had kept trying on my ring and thinking how wonderful it was. So when I was able to give her her own wooden ring she was speechless. It was a fabulous moment.

I had long been keen on the idea of a wood ring (I happened across the idea years ago when I was looking for a wooden belt buckle.) Then, after years of carrying the notion around in my head, I finally got my own beautiful wood ring!

We’re both enthralled with the rings. They’re beautiful and exquisitely made. The craftsmanship is remarkable! Thanks so much for the all the assistance. It was really a pleasure to work with you through this process."