Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hawaiian Koa Wood Rings

Hawaiian Koa wood is so beautiful. It's different in every kind of light, sometimes golden, sometimes dark but always luminous with a depth of figure and grain that is almost unparalled. The golden toned wood in the purple heartwood set is Hawaiian Koa.

Here is a recent set of Hawaiian Koa Wood rings that David created for a lovely couple in Austin, Texas.

And, a little ring-related story from Alina: "I babysit a 2-year old boy Ethan (who I am training as a botanist). I see him weekly and we have awesome adventures! One day, his mom Julie was helping me pack up the stroller for our walk to the park. I snapped Ethan in to his seat and Julie gasped loudly! I thought for sure I must have caught his fingers in the buckle or something. By the time I realized he was fine and in one piece, Julie had grabbed my hand and was admiring the koa ring in the sunlight. It was an amazing reaction -- one of real awe to make her gasp. Pretty great. Anyway, my compliments to David once again. "