Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ahhh, the people we meet!

A lovely letter from a lovely couple ~ JoAnn and Ray ~

"Clearly, you and David appreciate what these rings mean to us. Ray and I were both so struck by how beautiful they are!

We are thrilled! The presentation of the rings was a thoughtful "extra".
While we picked the woods used to create them--the artistry and craftsmanship make them the works of art they are.

They are a perfect representation of what we both believe about our will stay strong and beautiful if we pay attention and treat it as the very valuable "work" it is. It will get worn as we move through life. But, if we take good care and fix the problems before they get too far gone-- we can enjoy the beauty, strength and "lightness" for the rest of our lives. Many thanks-- it was truely a pleasure. "