Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wood and Bamboo Rings

In September 2007, we received an inquiry from Lindsay who contacted us about commissioning Touch Wood wedding rings for herself and her fiancé.

We exchanged emails for a year while they planned their celebration and made decisions about their rings. David created their rings during the month of August 2008.

In January; Lindsay and Nick were married on the beach in Oahu and began to wear the wood and bamboo wedding rings they had so mindfully and lovingly designed.

Every day, David and I are thankful and every day we receive at least one email that makes our hearts sing. This days song is "Lindsay and Nick."

Aloha Nicola and David!

We're married!!! Yeah!! Our ceremony took place on the beach here on Oahu. We had a simple, eco-friendly event filled with joy, family, beautiful weather (it rained all morning, a blessing from the land, and the sun came out 5 minutes before our ceremony started!) and AMAZING WOOD RINGS!!! We had been looking so forward to being able to wear our rings, in fact we had them out on our bedside table for the months leading up to our wedding.

It was INCREDIBLY special to put the rings on each others finger and know that they represent all that we are and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the work that you do. You made it possible for us to express our love for each other the exact way that we wanted while being friendly to the environment. MAHALO!

I've attached some pictures of our day! One of the pictures shows the pastor holding the rings before we put them on each other. This was the first time the pastor saw the rings. He was totally taken aback by fact, he gasped when he saw them and commented on their beauty before continuing the ceremony.

Happy 2009!
Lindsay and Nick Scacco Hawaii

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A wood ring proposal

Jamie's Black Walnut ring with Birds eye maple inlaid band.

Meg's Black walnut ring with a cherry
band and birds eye maple liner.

" Meg was completely surprised by the wood ring, which was fantastic. She of course had the ring she had commissioned for me, and was already in love with it. She told me that she had kept trying on my ring and thinking how wonderful it was. So when I was able to give her her own wooden ring she was speechless. It was a fabulous moment.

I had long been keen on the idea of a wood ring (I happened across the idea years ago when I was looking for a wooden belt buckle.) Then, after years of carrying the notion around in my head, I finally got my own beautiful wood ring!

We’re both enthralled with the rings. They’re beautiful and exquisitely made. The craftsmanship is remarkable! Thanks so much for the all the assistance. It was really a pleasure to work with you through this process."